Our Work

Safer North Devon aims to reduce crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour across Northern Devon.

Our work is targeted towards thematic delivery areas supported by a multi-agency team and managed by the Community Safety Partnership board.

Our Aims

  1. To deliver outcomes on statutory requirements for the CSP and on the Safer North Devon plans.
  2. Ensure that North Devon remains a priority for all Community Safety services commissioned for Devon.
  3. To facilitate improved partnership working and information sharing.


How we work

  1. We take a holistic approach to problem solving, sharing information to improve outcomes for all.
  2. We bring together multiple agencies working with specialist professionals already on the ground in an area.
  3. We develop new delivery structures and ways of working, allowing our services to work more closely to speed up our response to community need.
  4. We focus on sustainable community outcomes responding to the Devon and Peninsula strategic Assessments.


Our Local Action Plans

The priorities of our communities locally are tackled in a number of ways.

How do we fit into the bigger picture for Devon?

The Safer Devon Partnership commision services across Devon and drive the development of best practice in all shared service areas.

Safer North Devon works to influence and compliment this work, and meet local needs by developing partnerships and ultimately joint projects to improve outcomes for our local communities. There are similar community safety partnerships across Devon (South Devon and Dartmoor covering South HamsTeignbridge and West Devon; Exeter CSP and East and Mid Devon CSP.

How we work in local neighbourhoods

We support the existing work around local neighbourhood management projects, community groups and residents associations where they are working in an area of defined need for crime or anti-social behavior and where our expertise can add to the agreed outcomes for an area.

As a partnership we work across the whole of Northern Devon.  Our action plans mainly deliver outcomes across our whole area with some directed to specific neighbourhoods of greatest needs. 

We work closely with Neighbourhood Policing teams who are listening to your concerns using police surgeries, local meetings, door-to-door enquiries and surveys.

Any information you supply, along with other partner consultation allows our teams to identify the top priorities to both influence where our thematic work gets delivered and how we support your neighbourhood improvement plans. We also consider all the information you provide through parish plans to give us a picture of local concerns and emerging issues.

Many of our projects are linked directly to the Have your Say process developed by local dedicated Neighbourhood Policing teams, led by Police Officers, supported by Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables and Neighbourhood Wardens, working with all relevant partner agencies.

Crime levels continue to fall in our area, however we continue to work hard to improve public confidence and ensure you can enjoy a safe environment wherever you live across Northern Devon.